When companies decide to adopt a cloud based infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), they usually have a significant amount of systems and valuable data that will reside in the cloud that will require SIEM correlation and log management. A SIEM specifically designed to monitor Amazon Web Environments gives you complete visibility into what events are being generated and ensures the security of data and the associated systems.

PacketSecurity's solution will give you the ability to utilize a cloud monitoring platform with capabilities such as alerting, event correlation, CloudTrail monitoring and and log management. This also includes S3 and ELB access log monitoring.

Purpose Built Solution for AWS

Security principals remain the same across various platforms, your cloud monitoring and security need to operate in an efficient manner. The PacketSecurity solution was built with its SIEM capabilities in AWS from the ground up. It was designed specifically for the Amazon ‘shared-responsibility’ security model to address cloud security issues.

Our solution for Amazon Web Services cloud environments allows you to scale your threat detection and response capabilities as your environment changes. With preconfigured CloudFormation templates, this allows for provisioning of AWS Sensors more easily. This allows the ability to collect log data, monitor the services, and correlate the data to identify threats to your AWS infrastructure.

  • Elastic scalability

  • Amazon infrastructure assessment

  • Works in support of the Amazon shared responsibility model

Cloud SIEM

For companies to understand and protect cloud security issues, it is critical to learn, interpret and know what activities are occurring within your AWS environment and identify possbile malicous activity. Time-honored security solutions generally do not have the ability to efficiently and effectivly monitor cloud logs, systems and events.

The PacketSecurity solution utilizes the CloudTrail service to perform event correlation and alerting. This enables the automatic correlation of events and eliminates manual analysis to detect actions such as:

  • New user creation

  • Security group modifications

  • Suspicious instance creations

Integrated Threat Intelligence

The common security problem every organization faces is that new threats arise every day. It is nearly impossible for most organizations to keep up, particularly those organizations who have adopted a hybrid cloud environment.

Every IT team needs actionable information to detect threats in its network and prioritize the response to those threats. And we see very often, it is too resource-intensive and too costly for organizations to invest in effective threat intelligence. That’s where the Threat Intelligence delivered by our solution steps in. Our threat intelligence offers the following:

  • Pre-built correlation rules eliminate the need for you to create your own

  • Spot the latest threats targeting your Azure environment with continuous threat intelligence updates

  • Focus on responding to threats rather than researching every alert