Cyber Threat Assurance

Cyber threats have become one of the greatest challenges to IT Security Programs today. New technologies drive increased capabilities and opportunities for business growth, but they also provide the same for malicious attackers. This makes the dynamic cyber threat landscape difficult to track and adapt to.  Information security requires a significant investment in tools and resources to maintain and manage.  The breadth and depth of coverage required to adequately protect an organization is increasing in complexity year over year.

These challenges require more than traditional compliance driven security objectives can provide. Today’s IT Security Program needs to be flexible enough to adapt to new and evolving threats, while still providing a core framework of security controls.

Packet Security’s Cyber Threat Assurance Services include:

  • Annual Executive Cyber Security training
  • Custom alerts, monthly reports, and quarterly stakeholder reviews
  • Dark Web / Cyber Threat Trend analysis
  • Dark Web Criminal Market Monitoring
  • Executive/VIP Social Media Security Monitoring
  • Security logging & monitoring program enhancement
  • Incident response program enhancement
  • Criminal toolkit analysis (threat analysis)
  • Advanced forensic response support

Packet Security provides services to assist in mitigating risks from Cyber Threats throughout the information security program by keeping the organization on top of important trends and analysis within the Security industry, government sectors and within the “dark” web criminal markets.

Traditional Cyber Intelligence aims to identify the threats an organization faces and apply controls to defend against those mechanisms.  Although some customization can be had, they generally provide information based on industry presence, such as Financial, Healthcare, Critical Infrastructure, etc. Although the information is extremely valuable, Packet Security takes additional steps to ensure the value is realized throughout the security program components to maximize the return on existing IT Security investments.