Cyber Threat Management

Information Technology and security management have become an area of expense and complexity. Organizations are concerned with the current state of their information security program and have aggressively sought out ways to help them in protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data.

It is difficult for an organization to track and address all potential threats and vulnerabilities as well as attack patterns, intruder tools, and current best security practices. Packet Security is able to obtain advance warning of new vulnerabilities and gain early access to information on countermeasures. As computer attack patterns shift and threats to networks changes and grows almost daily, it is critical that organizations achieve reliable information security.

As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we offer the flexibility to support the needs of any company, big or small. Whether you are a looking to supplement your existing security team or have a dedicated partner for all of your security needs Packet Security is here to help. 

Managed service provider MSP


Depending on your company and industry, there can be an overwhelming amount of information to understand to make sure your company is protected.  Packet Security will work one on one with the client from day one to continuously manage and improve the security program of the organization.  


Security team augmentation


Even when you have a full-time security team on your staff, it can be difficult for them to keep up with the ever-changing world of information security.  Packet Security can augment any part of the security team immediately adding value to the organization. 

Packet Security’s Cyber Threat Management Program includes the following services:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Management

  • Industry Reports

  • Incident Response & Investigation

  • IDS Vendor Coordination

  • Service Management and Control

  • Annual Security Strategy Refresh

  • Dashboard & Trend Analysis

  • Advanced Persistent Threat Management


In addition to the above, Packet security also offers a robust and comprehensive security monitoring solution. 

Custom SEIM with log correlation rules

Monitored Security 

  • SEIM & Centralized Log Management

  • Configurable Dashboards

  • Automated out of the box reports as wells as custom reports

  • Correlation of events with known threat actors

  • Vulnerability Scanning Engine

  • Intrusion Detection 

  • Compliance Checks

  • Behavioral Monitoring

  • Asset monitoring 

  • Security Ticket Management System

Packet Security provides a flexible SIEM that that bring together threats, events and risk information in a way that allows for real-time correlation and identification of unwanted threat actors as well as suspicious behaviors.  Our solution takes data from multiple sources and analyzes and aggregates giving the organization exceptional visibility into all activities in the environment.

Log aggregation and constant monitoring has been identified in many compliance environments as a must needed tool, it is also an important part of maintaining visibility into your systems as well as threat actors that are trying to get into those systems. the Packet Security solution provides a real-time look into your environment at the click of a button. You can run reports, look at NetFlow statistics, evaluate alarms, navigate vulnerability reports and many additional features.  

Packet Security offers a unique set of baseline usecases developed over many years of experience within this industry that we monitor for in addition the the thousands of correlation rules that comes out of the box. These are in the form of correlation rule and custom reporting modules.

For Court Proceedings

With our logging system, as the logs are collected and stored for investigative purposes or long term storage, our system will forensically sign all logs. Because the logs are signed this will ensure that If the logs are required in an investigation or for litigation purposes that they can be submitted and counted as accurate with proper verification steps. 


We understand that some organizations may not have any or some of the above services or technologies in place. Whether you are starting out fresh or have a mature service, Packet Security will work with your organization to ensure that all business strategies, goals and needs are addressed.