Packet Security is a Houston-based firm offering comprehensive services in the areas of Information Technology and Security. Our dedication to understanding our clients’ needs, as well as our commitment to fulfilling our mission, allows our consultants to provide services beyond expectations and build lasting client relationships.

Packet Security has a host of services that can assist with making your business more secure. Our service line offerings will ensure that you have more than enough at your fingertips to properly manage emerging threats to your organization.  We offer and incorporate practical real world experience along with cutting edge technologies to effectively maximize your return on investment. 

Offerings overview

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Cyber Threat Assurance

Through use of proprietary information gathering methods and analysis, Packet Security offers your organization visibility far beyond your run-of-the-mill cyber intelligence report.

Cyber Threat Management

Let Packet Security Assist with your Security Program management needs. Packet Security's Security Program Management Service includes many mature service offerings.

Managed Security Services

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Assessment Services

Identifying security risks and understanding the business impact is the first and most crucial step to ensuring the reliability and integrity of an organization’s information and services.