Microsoft Office 365 is becoming one of the largest extensively used cloud app suites today, and for many organizations, it marks an entry point into public cloud computing. Yet, many security challenges mount as your users migrate business-critical data and operations to Office 365 cloud apps, including SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online. Security concerns include data loss or leakage, data privacy, unauthorized access, and more.

Companies need an observation into the actions and activities of your staff that has administrative credentials and users in Office 365. This provides the assurance that controls have been identified and have been implemented to keep your data in compliance and your organization protected.

PacketSecurity's solution delivers the Office 365 security and compliance monitoring you need to protect your users and your data hosted in the Office 365 environment.

We have built in apps for Office 365 which collects your Office 365 events and gives you visual reporting dashboards and user-centric views that make Office 365 security monitoring fast and simple.  Correlate your Office 365 events with the latest threat intelligence from our group of security researchers as well as with other security-related events happening in your cloud and on-premises environments. This gives you the complete context you need to accurately and fully detect threats, even if you have limited time and resources to do so.

We combine a multitude of essential security capabilities in one unified platform, so you can achieve a unified view of your assets, vulnerabilities, and threats, all on one affordable and easy to use solution. Plus, extend your security orchestration capabilities to connected third-party security and cloud technologies, like Cisco Umbrella and Office 365.

Audit Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory gives a centeralized ability to access Office 365 applications from the cloud and manage user account credentials. When suspicious or anomalous activities occur you need to know as soon as possible so that you can stop a potential data breach and investigate.

Our solution includes a dashboard that shows realtime activity trends, logon failures and where users are logging in from. You can make investigating simple and fast by pivoting on any data point and drilling down.

  • Track user login activities to Office 365 and applications that use Azure AD for single sign on

  • Identify suspicious login attempts by location

  • Detect brute force login attempts to Office 365

  • Be alerted to admin actions such as account creation or deletion, escalation of privilege, and changes to password or policies

Monitor Exchange Online Security

It doesn't matter if you manage your email internally or if you have a 3rdparty hosting your solution, email is a common target for nefarious hackers as a method of entry into an organization.

As part of Microsoft's Office365 cloud offering, Exchange online is should have the same considerations as on-premise solutions. The only difference is you don't have to deal with the servers.

  • Get alerted to changes to Exchange policies that could let in spam and malware

  • Audit administrator actions, including mailbox creation and deletion

  • Know when users purge deleted items, access mailbox folders, access other mailbox accounts and more

Protect your sharepoint online & your business data

As your company users shift and share business-critical data in SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, you need to know who has access to it, who is making changes to it, and who is sharing it outside the organization. However, this activity spawns a lot of events, often too many for any organization to track manually.

With our solution, file integrity monitoring for Office 365 can be automated. It can be setup to monitor and analyzes file actions that occur in OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online so that anomalous or suspicious activities cam be identified on your critical files.

  • Identify ransomware in your SharePoint and OneDrive for Business services

  • Get alerted when SharePoint sites or files are shared with known malicious host or entities outside the organization.

  • Monitor the integrity of your data; know when users download, edit, delete, or restore files