Penetration Testing

With Packet Security Penetration Testing, we will conduct testing that will evaluate the effectiveness of the information security program and can  identify weaknesses. Packet Security can conduct sanctioned testing whereby we will simulate an actual attack from an attacker attempting to gain access by circumventing in place security controls. This testing will identify weaknesses in the controls and if there are none this will provide validation of the current controls effectiveness.

The purpose of a penetration testing is to simulate an actual attack that could be carried out by an threat actor. Theses attacks could be from internal, external, vendor impersonation, wireless and many other attack methods. With Packet Security, our designed testing methodologies will show impact to the organisation to identify weaknesses with the applied security controls. 

Penetration Testing Services We Offer

  • Internal Penetration Testing
    Originating from inside the network perimeter
  • Customer Tailored Red Team Exercised
    Perform advanced red team attacks against an organization simulating various type roles and methods
  • Physical Penetration Testing
    Simulating a physical break in. Packet Security will attempt to gain access trough methods that threat actors would normally use. We will utilize social engineering methods, jump fences, crawl under fences, lock pick and additional agreed to methods to gain unauthorized physical access. This will highlight additional controls that can be leveraged to prevent unauthorized access. 
  • External Penetration Testing
    Originating from outside  the network perimeter
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
    Attack utilizing traditional wireless
  • Application Penetration Testing
    Perform attacks against web applications or other applications in order to identify what exposures exist.
  • Compliance Penetration Testing
    Perform penetration tests in accordance with industry guidelines.